I am so excited for August since Marc-André and I will be heading to Europe for three weeks. We decided to stay in Airbnb rooms everywhere we will go to have a little bit more privacy and comfort than in hostels. To be honnest, I’ve never been a very party-oriented person and I’m a little afraid that hostels would be a little bit too intense for me… Now I sound like a 70 year old person. I promise you I’m actually fun 😉


Looking at Airbnb in Europe got me into looking at rooms, apartments and houses all accross the globe, and I am now in love with this new type of accomodation. It’s so much cheaper than hotels, but I feel like you get a lot more for your money. You can get a whole flat to yourself which allows you to cook, feel like a real local, get tons of privacy, etc. Besides, I personally don’t mind making my bed and keeping my apartment clean even on vacation! 


Just so that you can dream about these gorgeous Airbnb too, here are a few of my favourite ones across the globe… I dare you to not go crazy over this and start tons of wishlists just like me! Now excuse me while I go get rich to be able to try them all. Xx


Thira, Greece


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Bali, Indonesia


Santorini, Greece


Barcelona, Spain


Porto, Portugal


Marrakesh, Morocco