with the familia

I love that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. It’s always during the most beautiful period of autumn. The leaves are at their most colorful and it’s usually the perfect weather to walk outside – and this is exactly what I convinced my family to do. As usual, I went to Quebec City to spend some time with them and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather so I gave them no other option than to come walk around the old town with me! And they were quite happy I did. 🙂

We ended up walking by the Parc Jeanne d’Arc where there was tons of Halloween decorations, as well as the Château Frontenac and the Parliament. We also visited a brand new library dedicated to Quebec literature. It is inside a church that has been fully renovated. It really looked beautiful with the high ceilings and the large windows. Funny enough, during this walk my brother and I were both wearing plaid so we looked like twins!

twins simonquebec thanksgivingfamily quebec thanksgivingchurch daychurch day 2

On top of everything, there was a special event going on – a “literary road” that happened at night to inaugurate the new library. So after dinner I went back with my parents to check it out. We were surprised with a concert by Karim Ouellet. I didn’t know who he was but I loved his performance so when I got back home I listened to his songs on Spotify. My favorite is Marie-Jo – make sure to check it out. I am now a fan!

The literary road event was pretty cool. There were different stations where actors were reading out books and poems. There was also an artist drawing out comic books that were projected on the wall of the renovated museum. The poems were probably my favorite part – poets were writing live in front of the audience and actors were reading them out loud. It was super cool! I was so mesmerized that I didn’t take much photos… That’s when I know I really had a great time!

karim ouelletnight quebec

On Monday, the weather couldn’t have been better. The sky had completely cleared up from the day before and the weather was surprisingly warm for an October day. I decided to head back to Montreal to enjoy a day out in Mont-Royal with Xavier. The view is always beautiful up there but it was quite special this time around with all the colors!

autumnthanksgiving montrealthanksgiving montreal 2thanksgiving montreal

One of my resolutions on my twenty-third birthday was to enjoy life more by going out and doing more activities. Nowadays it’s so easy to just stay home and watch Netflix, but then life goes by and you end up not fully enjoying it. So now each weekend I try to plan different things. I really feel like I’ve fully enjoyed what this Thanksgiving weekend had to offer. I feel especially grateful for all those beautiful moments and the people I get to spend them with. Now I’m ready to take on other beautiful weekends like this one!