ex fashion blogger

As you may have noticed, I have not been an active fashion blogger for a few months now. My heart was not into it anymore, and I thought I should stop if it no longer inspired me. Over the years, just like everyone else, my passions and goals have evolved. I have to respect the fact that I am continuously growing as a person and I can’t stick to a recipe that no longer works. Personally, as I grew up, taking photos of my outfits and writing posts about fashion felt more and more like a chore rather than a hobby. I felt that I didn’t add anything of value to this world and it was a little depressing.

Since I have stopped blogging about fashion, I have spent a lot less time on social media or online shopping for the newest trends. This means that I have had a lot more time to explore other passions. I’m slowly getting back into reading as well as getting into artsy-oriented activities. For instance, I have bought a coloring book on Amazon and it is so much fun and relaxing – you have to get one, it’s a must! By exploring new hobbies and focusing on real life instead of spending countless hours on the internet, it’s almost as if I have rediscovered the real world I’ve been missing out on. Now, I take the time to actually enjoy the moments instead of focusing on taking good photos.

I admit it can be extremely difficult to put my phone down and not obsessively look at what’s going on on Facebook or Instagram. However, I also find that the less I do it, the easier it is to stop. If I force myself to shift my attention to other things, it turns out to be very beneficial. In the end, when I do things like reading, running, drawing or writing, I feel a lot more fulfilled and happy. It’s much better than looking at pictures of fashion bloggers and models on Instagram and then feel bad because I don’t have the perfect tan…

Overall, it really is a fantastic feeling to focus on the real world around me. One of the reasons I am writing this post is to reach out to other current bloggers who may feel the same way, or other people who spend countless hours on social media. Recently, I came across an article in which the writer wrote about a model who quit Instagram and all other social medias after realizing it was taking over her life. The model wrote something like “I can guarantee that the people who will accomplish something great are not on here right now”. Although that is not necessarily true in my opinion, I do agree that if we focus too much on looking at what other people are doing, we lose track of what we want and what really makes us happy. So yes, let’s put our phones down and focus on what’s around us.

The older I get, the more I want to add something of value to this world and the more I want to enjoy what life has to offer. I want to be there for the people close to me, I want to take art classes, eat good food in good restaurants, drink good wine, travel, smile and laugh a lot, accomplish myself intellectually, etc. So taking pictures of what I wore during the day seems very unimportant at this stage. But I guess that’s just me getting old… 😉

In the end, I have realized that I am a lot happier enjoying the world around me instead of focusing on the number of likes my outfit will get on Instagram. I have to admit that it was hard to let go of something I have put so much effort into, but I think it’s worth it if it buys me happiness.