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Since I was young, my parents have always told me how important education is. However, I didn’t really understand how important it was until more recently, in the past few years. In high school, it seemed like so many things we were taught weren’t important – I didn’t see the big picture and I took it for granted. However, today I do understand, and the more I grow up, the more I believe education is the answer to solve a lot of problems. The good news is, people are getting more and more educated across the globe so we definitely are heading in the right direction. For instance, in the US, in 2014, 34% of people in their twenties had completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 23% in 1990. In Canada, post-secondary education increased from 39% to 50% from 1999 to 2009. However, it is something that we must always fight for, because it takes one bad policy to go backwards. It takes a Donald Trump who “loves uneducated people” and who knows they get him elected.

Education isn’t always easy. As I am currently doing my master’s, I spend most of my days alone in my apartment studying. It requires a lot of discipline as well as the power to say no to certain activities. It’s all about focusing on long term goals. I also need to motivate myself to get up early and start studying as if I had a normal job. Over the past few years, I found certain things very helpful in achieving this. First, I try to surround myself with people who are motivated and I nourish those relationships as much as possible. Second, I try to exercise at least three times a week. It gives me a rush of energy and I am always a lot more productive after that. Finally, even though I stay focused on my long-term objectives, I also set time aside to do fun activities – life’s too short to work all the time. It always relaxes me, it helps me put everything into perspective and I always perform better afterwards.

Education is important worldwide. Everyone should be able to go to school and learn. With education, people learn how to think on their own, they question authority, and they are more independent. As a woman, education makes me feel like I can rely on myself – I don’t need a man to support me. This is crucial in so many ways. When you can rely on yourself, you start looking for other things in a partner than someone who can simply provide for you. You start looking for a teammate – someone who is going to support you in all your endeavours, who’ll be your cheerleader, whom you’ll be able to make projects with, who’s going to be your ally. Of course, all those things go both ways. On top of this, if things don’t work out and you’re unhappy in your relationship, you won’t feel trapped in it because you need the other person to provide for you. In the end, you are with your partner because you love them, they make you happy, and you support each other’s endeavours. Now that sounds like a pretty healthy relationship to me. We should all aim for this.

Sadly today, a lot of teenagers look up to the Kardashians of this world as an example. We don’t put enough emphasis on education, and I think that is quite sad. Of course, with high student debts in the US, starting salaries that haven’t increased in decades and the top 1% getting most of the money, it can be hard to show the benefits of education to young people. With that being said, societies keep getting more complex and getting an education will be more and more necessary to have job security. For instance, in “Canada in 2009, 82% of the adult population aged 25 to 64 with a tertiary education were employed, compared with 55% of this age group with less than high school education“.  This is why we should focus on education as a society, with good policies that encourage teenagers and young adults to get educated.

On top of this, from a societal perspective, when the population is well educated, the people are richer, the city is better maintained, the population is healthier, the infrastructure is better, people pay attention to politics more, etc. The benefits are endless and it is up to us to make sure we put emphasis on education in our community, for the well-being of the future generations.

To finish this post, I’d like to share the list of all the best paid jobs at the moment. I think all parents should encourage their kids to do something that they love, but also to aim for a job that will give them a good pay check. Life’s expensive, and it’s important to make sure teenagers realize this so that they can do what they need to do in order to live a good life. The list contains jobs such as surgeon, physician, air traffic controller, orthodontist, chief executive, etc.

What’s your job? What kind of education did you get? Are you happy doing what you do? Would you like to go back to school? How has education impacted your life? I’d love to hear personal stories, so feel free to share! 🙂