HAUTELOOK: My Shopping Destination

Blue Printed Dress // Embroidered Mini Skirt // Beach Throw // Bunny Ring Holder // Statement Earrings // Black Printed Dress // Statement Necklace // Printed Pants

With my Europe trip approaching very quickly (I can’t believe we’re leaving in a month!), I’m looking for the perfect vacation pieces, from flower-patterned dresses to statement jewelry. That being said, I’m on a tight budget since I want to keep my money for our expenses once we’ll be there. After all, spending on experiences is always a lot of fun and one year from now, I’ll remember which activities we did – not what I was wearing!

However, I still want to spend a little on a few fun summer pieces and I found the perfect online store to do so. Haute Look has new shopping events everday with some amazing collections for budget-friendly prices. In fact, all of the items above are under $55! Prices are usually reduced from 50% to 80%. Their events all also very diverse, from women’s clothing to home decor items, as well as men’s and kid’s clothing. Events last 2-4 days, and sizes are usually available for quite some time, aside from very popular designer items.

I hope this fashion find will be of interest to you as much as it was to me! Have fun browsing and enjoy your weekend!!


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Summer Trend: Sneakers


Hi ladies!


This summer, sneakers are by far one of my favorite trends. They spice up any outfit so easily and they are just so comfortable. What’s not to love? I think I will especially be adopting this trend when visiting Europe in August!


Here are a few of my favorite inspirations on how to wear this style. Whether it’s with a pair of jeans or a classy dress, everything’s allowed! 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!




See more of my fashion inspirations on my Pinterest board here

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Chilly First of June


Happy First of June! This is one of my favourite months since it officially launches the summer. However, the weather today is chilly, with a cold front coming in from the north. In fact, my mom and I walked down to the beach this morning and we couldn’t stay there very long because of it. That being said, we still took the time to snap a few pictures of my outfit on our way there, because it’s been so long since my last outfit post!


I wore my current favourite shoes from Nine West (on sale) as well as my new jeans from Levi’s. These two items have been part of my daily uniform in the last few weeks since they are sooo comfortable. The jeans are high-waisted, which gives me a flattering figure and the fabric is super soft and stretchable, so it could not be more comfortable. As for the sneakers, I love how they can make any outfit look more trendy. The first couple of days I wore them they really hurt, but now they’re as comfortable as slippers. 


As you may have seen on my Instagram, I spent the weekend at my cottage with my family and my boyfriend. I always love to come here since I have so many amazing memories linked to this place. This weekend, I got to play some tennis, chill by the pool in between thunder storms, eat delicious food made by my parents who should really be chefs, and take a long walk on the beach with Marc-André. To top it all of, last night, the sunset was incredible. Probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in years! I posted a photo of it on my Instagram here. You can see the pink sky reflecting on the river. How gorgeous is that? 


I hope you also had a great weekend, and I wish you a super week! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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