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Hey guys!


As you may already know, I am graduating from university next December, and I will be going to my graduate ball this June as I will only have 3 classes left. Of course when I learned about the event I was immediately excited about getting a dress!! I went on Asos right away to check out the dresses they had, and I fell in love with one in less than 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever found a dress so quickly in my life! Now I’m just excited to receive it to be able to try it on. Hopefully it will fit me as well as it fits the model. 


Anyways, I decided to share a few of the dresses I found on Asos that I love in case you have an occasion coming up, whether it’s a graduation, a wedding or a black tie dinner. They are all super feminine since I love to go for more colorful, delicate and flirty dresses in the summer. The one I bought for my graduation is in there, but I’ll let you guess which one it is 🙂

Have fun shopping!!



PS. Click here to find out more about the dress above.


Little Mistress Floral Dress, $157


Fading Floral Print Dress, $180


Embellished Scuba Scater Dress, $138


Rose Print Bandeau Dress, $180


Midi Dress with Embellished Shoulders, $101


Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, $190


Lace Top Scuba Dress, $95

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Flirty Summer with Blush Lingerie

I find that summer is a very romantic time of the year. I can let my hair curl naturally, I wear flirty summer dresses, I finally get a sun-kissed tan, the sunsets are beautiful, and I can enjoy a late night out on a terrasse with my boyfriend. And of course, it’s also the wedding season! And whether you’re a bride-to-be or you simply want to feel sexy under your summer dress, it’s always fun to get flirty lingerie sets for this warm season of the year. 


As you can see below, I recently received a few pieces from the bridal collection of Blush Lingerie, a lingerie brand based out of Montreal, and I am so in love with them. The lace feels so luxurious and the details on the bras and the panties are super feminine and romantic. It’s the perfect match for one those hot summer nights with your better half. I personally prefer the push-up bra over the demi since I find it slightly more comfortable and it gives me a very flattering figure. That being said, I really like the look of the demi bra; it’s very sexy and I would definitely opt for that one for a romantic night in. What about you, any preference between the push-up or the demi bras?


Blush Lingerie also has a ton of other collections if a romantic set is not what you’re looking for just yet and you want a more playful and colorful lingerie set. I personally love this neon bra and this bright pantie.


Have fun shopping and enjoy feeling sexy! 🙂




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Style Discovery: Polette Eyewear


Hey guys!


I’m finally done with exams which feels really great, and I am now enjoying a week off with my family in Quebec City (as you may have seen on my Instagram). I only have 5 classes left to my bachelor’s degree and I’m so excited to be done! It’s been a great period of my life but I’m ready to move on to other things. I’ve actually decided to do my master’s degree in tax, so I’m really looking forward to start this new challenge in 2016.


Anyways, I wanted to tell you about a recent fashion discovery of mine; the Polette eyewear collection. I actually wear glasses and contacts everyday since I have myopia, but glasses can be extremely expensive and it can become annoying to have to wear the same pair everyday. This is why I really like Polette; they offer prescription glasses for about $20 to $30, which is very far from the typical $150 in eyewear boutiques. Plus, they offer tons of styles from trendy to classic or vintage. 


Concerning the shipping, they currently deliver to Canada and the US for only $4.99! What’s not to love? Make sure to check out their store here. After all, even if you don’t have myopia, you might find a pair of sunglasses you’ll love.


By the way, now that school’s out, I’ll be back with a lot more articles in the next few weeks so stay tunned!




Sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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