Grad Ball

I’m writing this post from the bus as I am on my way to Quebec City to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It is such a gorgeous day outside and I am so excited to get out of the city to enjoy it! 

Last Saturday was my grad ball and I wanted to share some photos of this very special event with all of you. As I’ve mentioned before, I still need to take 4 classes to graduate, but it truly felt like the end of a chapter on that evening! For the occasion, I wore a long navy blue dress with a bright flower pattern from Asos. I wanted something that was both classy and fun to celebrate the event. Plus, since the dress isn’t too formal, I’ll be able to wear it again for weddings or dinners. I opted for a long dress since I wanted to wear flats to have total comfort during the evening. Besides, since I am 6″0 tall, I usually try to avoid making me look even taller! Overall I was so happy with my look. It was chic, classy, fun and comfortable.

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